Our Story


Origin and Innovation

Established in South Korea in 2013, Claymore emerged as a visionary in portable lighting, rapidly evolving from crafting outdoor lanterns to becoming a leader in outdoor lighting solutions.

Design and Technology Synergy

After trailblazing with the Claymore S, M, L series lanterns, the brand has set new standards in the integration of cutting-edge LED technology and functional design. Claymore offers more than just light – they provide companionship and memorable experiences on outdoor adventures.

Expanding Horizons

Moving beyond traditional outdoor gear, Claymore now provides a wide range of both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions - from fishing expeditions, industrial sites, and even home lighting, Claymore continues to demonstrate their focus on versatility and innovation.

Award-Winning Excellence

The receipt of the Red Dot Design Award for the Claymore Fan Series V600 highlights the brand’s commitment to excellence in design and functionality, redefining industry standards.

  • V600+

    4-Step Wind Speed Portable Fan


    USB Rechargeable 660 Lumen Lantern


    Elevated 330 Lumen Light

Brand Ethos


This new ethos encapsulates Claymore’s commitment to pushing the limits of innovation and quality, promising extraordinary experiences in outdoor adventures and everyday life.

Vision for the Future

Claymore is more than a brand; it’s an adventure companion and a symbol of endless exploration. Committed to enhancing life’s adventures, the brand stands as a beacon of innovation, inspiring customers to explore into the unknown and embrace a world of limitless possibilities.