Secluded Bliss In The Alvord Desert

Secluded Bliss In The Alvord Desert

Let me paint a picture for you: a moonless night in the heart of Oregon's Alvord Desert, a happy discovery along our US Road Trip - untouched beauty of the desert under the awe-inspiring canopy of a starlit sky.

There we stood, the Alvord Desert sprawling before us, its vast, untouched expanses seemingly stretching into infinity. This was the kind of darkness that makes you feel like you're standing at the edge of the world, with nothing but the serene quiet of the desert for company. But we were about to enhance our experience – courtesy of our trusty Claymore 3FACE Neo lights.

These versatile lights come in four different sizes - Neo 10, 20, 30, and the largest of them all, the Neo 40. Boasting an impressive 9,500 lumens of brilliance when using “Turbo Mode”, the Neo 40 bathed our campsite in a warm, welcoming glow. It transformed our camp into a cozy oasis in the midst of the darkness.

The desert at night was full of life. Curious scorpions, their translucent pincers glowing in the moonlight ventured out from the sands. We respected their space, luckily the Neo lights provided enough light to avoid accidentally stepping on one!

Then, out of the darkness, a fox appeared at the camp's edge, it moved quickly through the camp, giving us an occasional glance. It probably smelled the dinner we made and was eager to find some scraps.

The Neo 10 we placed in our iKamper rooftop tent. Although it is the smallest of the lights, it still outputs an impressive 4900 lumens, more than enough to illuminate the entire space. No more stumbling in the dark for us.

The Alvord Desert had shared its secrets – scorpions and foxes – beneath the stars. Thanks to the convenience of our different-sized area lights, we had transformed this remote wilderness into an intimate haven, forging memories that would forever be remembered. Until the next journey, may you find your own secluded bliss!

written by kristin thorogood

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