CLAYMORE FAN V600 Wins 'Red Dot Design Award 2020

CLAYMORE FAN V600 Wins 'Red Dot Design Award 2020

Unveiling Excellence – The V600 Fan by Claymore Wins the Prestigious RED DOT Design Award


A testament to innovation and cutting-edge design, the V600 Fan by Claymore has been bestowed with the esteemed RED DOT Design Award. Continue reading to learn why the V600 is loved by outdoor enthusiasts, families, and everyone in between. 

Redefined Versatility and Mobility:

The V600 fan is designed for a large array of applications. The detachable tripod stand with its unique configuration allows for seamless transformation into a ceiling fan when hung upside down, offering a versatile cooling solution that adapts to diverse living spaces.

Effortless Portability:

Crafted for convenience, the V600 fan boasts an easy-carry handle that doubles as a mount stand. Paired with a lightweight body, this combination provides an effortless user experience.

Tailored Comfort:

Experience personalized cooling with the V600's four levels of wind speed control. Whether you seek a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, this fan adapts to your preferences effortlessly. The off-timer feature further enhances energy efficiency, allowing customization of power usage.

Beyond Cooling – Power Bank Functionality:

Breaking the mold of conventional fans, the V600 transcends the standard with its built-in power bank function. This additional feature is loved by our outdoor enthusiasts, serving as a backup power source when out on the trails.

Innovation Meets Adaptability:

A nod to the modern lifestyle, the V600 fan incorporates a built-in camera mount hole (1/4 inch) compatible with various mounting accessories. This feature is for our tech-savvy users who seek seamless integration of their gadgets within their living spaces, further amplifying the fan's versatility.

Ease of Maintenance:

The V600 fan ensures a hassle-free cleaning process with its separating safety net. This user-friendly feature simplifies maintenance, making it easy for users to keep their fans in pristine condition.

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