CLAYMORE Wins 2 iF Design Awards 2022!

CLAYMORE Wins 2 iF Design Awards 2022!

Athena and Selene Lanterns by Claymore Shine with iF Design Award Honors


In the world of design, the iF Design Award stands as a beacon of distinction, recognizing products that transcend the ordinary. Among the luminaries in the recent iF Design Award winners are the Athena and Selene lanterns by Claymore, exemplifying a harmonious blend of functionality, form, and user-centric design.

Selene Lantern: Merging Tradition with Innovation


The Selene lantern seamlessly blends the elements of the classic lantern shape with Claymore's signature technology. This marriage of tradition and modernity is a testament to Claymore's commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional design.

What sets Selene apart from its counterpart is its versatility. An attachable shade allows users to redefine its appearance, providing a fresh and customizable aesthetic. Equipped with a built-in 6,700mAh rechargeable battery, the Selene boasts an extended runtime optimized for outdoor environments without access to electricity. Its power bank function is a thoughtful addition, ensuring users can charge their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

The Selene's illumination goes beyond the ordinary. With dimmable and four different light modes—Breeze, Sunset, Full Moon, and Sunrise—users can create various color temperatures to suit their mood and surroundings. The lantern's 1/4-inch screw hole at the bottom opens up endless possibilities for attaching quarter-inch accessories, offering a new dimension of usability.

Athena Lantern: A testament to Design and Functionality


The Athena, another luminary in Claymore's lantern collection, is a testament to its design and functionality. Serving as a lantern, power bank, and mosquito-repeller, the Athena is designed to protect users from darkness and bugs—the best of both worlds.

The silhouette of the Athena boasts a familiar light shade. Additionally, the connection from the top square face to the bottom circle base creates a unique and visually striking line. The light-emitting filter, inspired by the pillars of the Parthenon in Greece, adds an aesthetic touch to its illumination. With a built-in 10,050mAh rechargeable battery, Athena ensures a long runtime, making it an ideal piece of gear for outdoor adventures.

The Athena's brilliance shines through in its ability to seamlessly run both light and repeller simultaneously. With dimmable and three different light modes offering various color temperatures, users can tailor their lighting experience. The Breeze mode adds a touch of enchantment, with the light swaying softly like a candle in the wind.

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