Claymore Ultra+2 Rechargeable Area Light (Field tested)

Claymore Ultra+2 Rechargeable Area Light (Field tested)

This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Summer 2020 issue.


The business luminary Peter Drucker once said, “Don’t make a hundred decisions when one will do,” and that philosophy applies equally to overlanding. I have shifted my approach from highly specialized equipment to now looking for high-quality products that serve multiple uses, reducing weight, cost, and complexity. One great example of this is the Claymore Ultra+ 2 light.

This heavily armored model is IP65 rated and constructed to be durable above all else—I have dropped it more times than I would care to admit. It is about 5 inches square and just over 2 inches thick. The LED array has 30 bulbs that can be adjusted to three color temperatures. Light output is variable from 50 lumens to a full 2,200, easily illuminating a campground or tent interior; it can even be used as a reading light. The massive 23,200 mAh battery charges quickly, providing 15-150 hours of light. I use the available magnet and a RAM mount to attach the Ultra to the 1/4-20 UNC threaded holes on the frame, which permits connecting to a roof rack, roof tent rafter pole, and even my tripod. The light works for photo/video, too, and has the ability to charge your cell phone.

written by Scott Brady (expeditionportal)

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